What others are saying about this book

"Dana Fisher has compiled an extremely handy, user-friendly reference for Santa Barbara County natives and Central Coast visitors alike. "Santa Barbara Fun" is a veritable goldmineof worthwhile leads and helpful tips about local attractions, popular activities and less well known sources of recreation, culture, natural splendor, culinary adventure and wholesome fun."

Douglas W. Jessup, Former Headmaster, Laguna Blanca School

“Recreation is what I do for a living. As hard as I tried, I couldn’t find anything left out of Dana Fisher’s book.”

Rod Tucknott, Director, UCSB Adventure Programs

“Wow! What a great book! Never have I found so much useful info and so many fun things to do in one place. Every visitor should know about this book when planning their vacation to Santa Barbara. Now I will never be short on ideas when people ask me – “So, what is there to do in Santa Barbara anyway?” Thanks, Dana!”
Ruth Harkey, Santa Barbara hotspots, Visitor Accommodation & Reservations

“Not only is Santa Barbara Fun approachable and usable, it accurately covers what to do in Santa Barbara. Turn off your TV and your computer, grab this book and get outside. I have high praise for Dana Fisher giving us a way to get back to some of the blueprints of human development, exploring and reveling in the wonders of the natural world around us.” >
Mark Tollefson, Executive Director, Wilderness Youth Project

“This guide is a concierge’s dream! It is so easy to use that you can be out the door towards a new adventure in minutes. Let this book point you in the direction of fun.”
Chivaun Clark, General Manager, Santa Barbara Hotel Group

“Turn off the TV and you’ll never run out of things to do with your children – thanks to Santa Barbara Fun, I can’t wait to explore Lizard’s Mouth, check out the Oil SeepTour, and rent a dog to walk with my daughter! And thanks for the money saving tips!”
Tracy Lehr, KEYT TV

“Family time spent together is learning, bonding, nurturing time – and this book shows how to make it quality time, right in our own backyard, where there are so many rich resources for families. The book is a treasure trove of great ideas for young and old alike, and an excellent resource for parents.”
William J. Cirone, Santa Barbara County Superintendent of Schools

“Dana Fisher offers a never-before seen perspective on our beautiful town and how the children of locals and tourists alike can explore all our sea- side haven has to offer. The book is a must read for anyone with children who wants to know more about Santa Barbara.”
Jeramy Gordon, Publisher, Santa Barbara Daily Sound

“This book is a wonderful resource not only for the countless families who visit our area each year, but also for local residents who may not be aware of many of the family-oriented activities available in our own backyard.”
Jason McCarthy, Past President, Greater Santa Barbara Lodging & Restaurant Association

“This book is fun for tourists and locals alike! A great way to take advantage of all that Santa Barbara has to offer for families!”
Rachel Ross Steidl, Founder, SantaBarbaraParent.com

“Whether you are new to Santa Barbara or have lived here all your life, you are sure to find something in this book you can’t wait to try.”
Ellen Stoddard, Director, Lou Grant Parent Child Workshop

“Over the last thirty years, there has been a dramatic increase in obesity and related health problems in children. This book shows parents how to get their children away from sedentary activities such as television and video games and involved in enjoyable physically-active adventures in their community.”
Dr. David A. Dzewaltowski Professor & Head of Department of Kinesiology Kansas State University

“Play is your children’s work. Santa Barbara Funprovides the places to play and how to get there – a must for every Santa Barbara parent.”
Laura Sobell Teacher, Santa Barbara Adult Education Parenting Classes for 30 Years

“This is an inspired little book and it will quickly become a terrific resource for any Santa Barbara family – and not just newcomers! My family has lived here eight years and I learned so much flipping through its pages. Dana’s book not only highlights kid-friendly destinations; he suggests many fantastic educational attractions as well. As an elementary school leader, I know this book will be a wonderful tool for both teachers and parents.”
Joel J. Weiss, Head of School, Crane Country Day School

“The development of self-esteem is intimately tied to the feeling that a child is attractive as a person to his/her parents. Nothing promotes this feeling more than a parent’s saying, ‘Would you like to play?’ In the book Santa Barbara Fun, Dana Fisher captures this special attitude and offers an endless variety of excursions that promote the development of children’s self-esteem, as well as the idea that involvement in family and community activities can be fun. The catalogue of “places to go” and “what to do” is extensive and informative. It will certainly broaden my horizons for time well spent with visiting grandchildren.”
Dr. Paul J. Meisel, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist

Santa Barbara Solstice Parade

Upcoming Activities

Calendar of Events

Sierra Club Flashlight Hike
+-3 miles, 6 p.m. Fridays
Santa Barbara Mission
2201 Laguna Street
Free, 685-2145

Arroyo Hondo Preserve Tour
First Saturday, third Sunday
Hike Tour, 10-Noon, open til 4
Reservations required:
(805) 567-1115
Camino Real Bike Moves (all ages)
Bicycle downtown at night!
First Tuesday of the month
9:30 p.m. De La Guerra Plaza
(805) 455-8957

Free Rides Wed. & 1st Friday!
South Coast Railroad Museum
1-4 p.m. Wed. through Sun.
300 N. Los Carneros

Art Workshops
Art From Scrap
10 a.m. Saturdays, $6.00
302 E. Cota St., 884-0459

Remote-Control Car Races
11:30 a.m. every Sunday
Elings Park, Free! All ages!
1298 Las Positas Rd.

S.B. Maritime Museum: Free!
3rd Thursday of the month

Museum of Natural History
Free admission
3rd Sunday of the month
(805) 682-4711

Santa Barbara Museum of Art
Free admission every Sunday

Ocean Ducks (polar bears)
Any ages, any suits, welcome!
9 a.m. every Sunday with
Post-swim potluck breakfast
Butterfly Beach, north stairs
Noon, Mon./Wed./Fri. at
shower near Beachside Cafe
Goleta Beach
(805) 637-8331

Drum Circle
Listen or participate!
4 p.m. Saturdays, all ages
Chase Palm Park
(805) 967-9956